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Compliant Steel specialise in delivering custom built structural steel aircraft hangars. Our designs offer a range of spans and more extensive spans can be achieved with the larger profile Universal Beam or a Web Truss structure.

Compliant Steel will go the extra mile to design a hangar to suit your requirements. With the continued demand of FIFO projects in Queensland and New South Wales, there remains need for hangars to house planes and supporting services.

Some advantages of using Compliant Steel structures for an Aircraft Hangar:

  • Designs suited for very large spans – Universal Beam (UB) and Web Truss
  • Larger doors – sliding doors to create a large - yet secure opening
  • Cantilever Doors (can be added with hydraulic tilting)
  • Extra height and flexibility 
  • Faster and easier erection than cold rolled structures.


Take a look at our Steel Shed Options or call the team at Compliant Steel today on 07 4696 7665 to see how we can help you!