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Our robust and flexible industrial shed options can be utilised for:

  • Workshops 
  • Logistics, holding and storage facilities
  • Mining, oil and gas industry
  • Holding and storage facilities
  • Production and packaging facilities
  • Factories and supporting office space
  • Manufacturing
  • Machinery and general storage
  • Office and administration operational spaces
  • Horse arenas 
  • Specialised Industrial buildings
  • Industrial sheds can also be used for commercial projects such as: Educational, Sporting and multipurpose centres, retail showrooms

Some advantages of using Compliant Steel for your industrial shed project:

  • Custom bay sizes for different requirements
  • Larger door opening (sliding or roller door)
  • Extra height and flexibility
  • Overhead crane requirements – we have built crane rails for up to a 100 tonne
  • Faster and easier erection than cold rolled structures
  • Skillion and cantilever loading bays and awnings.